The Tale of a Fantasy Geek

Since this blog mainly focuses on writing, I thought it would be best to tell of what I write and why, because what I write is a great part of myself.

Ever since I was very young, I had always loved fairytales. Fairies, dragons, fantastical worlds—it all filled me with great wonder. Yet, I did not truly realize how much I loved the idea of new worlds and magical places until the age of 10.

One day I found my mom and older brother just starting a movie. This movie intrigued me and I asked if I could join them. They said it would probably be all right as long as I close my eyes during some scenes. This seemed reasonable, so I climbed into the bed and looked on, having no idea that what was playing on the screen would literally change my life forever.

Lord of the Rings.

Yes, it was the wonderful movie based off the even more wonderful books. It had very recently come out on DVD but my brother had seen it in theaters, so knew what parts I did not need to see at such a young age of 10.

As the movie continued on, I grew more and more enchanted, entranced might be a better word. A magnificent world, hobbits, dwarves, a wise wizard, and those awe-inducing, wonderful things called elves—I was sucked in for quite a ride. Once it ended and the credits began to roll, I just sat stunned.


That was really the only word that could come to mind. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Just…wow.

And thus my fantasy obsession began. To such a point it is probably unhealthy.

Lord of the Rings awoke that love I had for different worlds, enchanting races, and interesting creatures. Yes, I did love fairytales, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, things of that nature, but I had no idea how much I loved the fantasy thing until I saw it at its best.

I immediately began reading The Hobbit and then Lord of the Rings right after. My obsession for LotR and fantasy grew and grew. Especially my love for elves.

What a magnificent race those majestic people are! I had found my favorite fantasy race, and that love only grew.

At the age of twelve I realized I must write fantasy. Nothing else would do. I had delved into the world of writing at the age of nine but did not yet realize my true love was writing fantasy. (For more detail on how I came to start writing check out a post here on my personal blog.)

I started writing a book and obsessed over it for a few years. Though, being written at a rather young age, it is quite terrible, I still am quite fond of it. I wrote a few more things, always adding fantasy elements into everything I wrote. I found I was my happiest when writing fantasy.

Finally, at the age of 16 I started another fantasy book that I am literally, three years later, still working on. It might not be good, it is probably not, but I am quite fond of it and the characters. Hopefully one day I will actually finish it.

I’ve been writing other things as well, always fantasy or at least fantasy things within it. Strangely, I’ve recently delved into Arthurian Legend, which is something I have always loved. Though it is not true fantasy there is enough things to make it much like the fantasy books I write—dragons, swordfights, evil witches, ect. But I will save this topic for another post.

So, what sort of fantasy do I love the most? High fantasy. All the way.

As I am sure you are aware now, I am very much obsessed with elves. While they are my favorite fantasy race, my favorite creatures would be dragons. I love dragons very much. I also love different worlds, full of beautiful scenery, deep history, and countless races and odd creatures. That is one of the reasons I love LotR so much is because of the deep, complex world that Tolkien so amazingly wove together. While some fantasy can be set in the real world or more modern worlds than the common medieval-type places, I much prefer a Middle Earth-type setting myself. Urban or dark fantasy with vampires, werewolves, and the like is not my thing at all. Elves, dragons, dwarves; swords, bows; magical trees, majestic mountains, grand castles, old ruins; these are the things I love.

Now then, why do I love fantasy so much and only read and write it?

Fantasy fills me with such wonder. I am not much one for reality. I do not care a bit to read or write realistic things, I get enough reality as is. I do not get a thrill in teen drama, going to the doctor’s office, getting a humdrum job in an office, bathing my dog, getting up every morning and showering, making my bed, no, what is the fun in that? Hearing the clanging of metal on metal in swordfights, letting your hair rush in the wind as you fly high atop a dragon’s back, joining in on a whimsical dance of the fairies, listening to the elves sing their enchanting songs, that is what thrills me. And because I, obviously, cannot get that in real life, I read and write it instead. When I am reading or writing I am in my happy place, away from all the drama and humdrum of real life, in that fantastical place where everything seems magical and enchanting. That is why I love fantasy.

So yes, you can call me a fantasy nut, fantasy geek, crazed fantasy lover, whatever you may choose, I will not argue, more thank you instead! Because, indeed, that is what I am.



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3 responses to “The Tale of a Fantasy Geek

  • Tassel

    Your second-to-last paragraph is very lovely and poetic, Lauri. :3 I like it.

    Fantasy is also my favorite, and for a while I thought I would write only that, but I’ve been venturing outside it for many years now, and I enjoy other things as well… Yeah. Don’t have much to say here.

  • coffeebeans

    I’ve never read Lord of the Rings– or if I did, I was too young to understand what was happening/ don’t remember it.
    I must watch it now. I’m excited.

  • Lauriloth

    You’ve never seen/read LotR? O___O Woooow.

    Well then, be excited. Veeery excited!!! 😀

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