Stream of consciousness

I felt like I should do an obligatory 9/11 post, but I’m incapable of talking about America without my sentences devolving into angry yells and swear words. So I won’t. Today’s post will just sort of be a rant about several things, some writing-related, some not.

1. Don’t you hate it when friends who you thought were pretty cool turn out to be druggies or sluts or something? I hate that. Exhibit A: I had an online friend who I thought was like me. Funny, kind of odd, etc. Yeah, she’s had like a million facebook boyfriends, but I know more of them were fake “marriages” than actual relationships. I think. Well, she posted some pictures on facebook of her smoking weed with some of her friends. How dumb do you have to be to do that? UNFRIENDED. Seriously. I hate it. It seems at odds with my view on pretty much everything, but I don’t hang out with or associate with druggies if I can avoid it. I want marijuana to be legalized because I think it’s stupid that it’s illegal, but I never want to do any sort of drug. Same with smoking. I care a little less about drinking, but I’m not into that sort of thing either. The world is messed up enough as it is. Why alter your perception of this wacky reality?

2. I am so indecisive about writing. I’m scared that I’ll have a repeat of last year’s NaNo. I’ll go through like 3 story ideas, have one completely planned out, switch to another one, plan that one out, get bored, and end up failing. I need to just write and stop changing my mind! If anyone’s interested in hearing all of my ideas and helping me decide ONCE AND FOR ALL which one to write, I’d appreciate it a whole lot.

3. College applications suck.

4. I miss most of my friends. Most of my ultra-awesome best friends are now in college. Some of my closest friends are in my grade, but I miss having the whole group together.

5. My phone is being a dingus!!!! For some reason, I apparently no longer get reception in my house. This started like 3 days ago. It’s really infuriating! I can’t send or receive texts reliably, which make my mother ecstatic but leaves me feeling alone and empty. MY NEARLY-NONEXISTENT SOCIAL LIFE. GONE.

6. Neal Stephenson is a genius. Snow Crash is my favorite book, and I’m in the process of attempting to read all or most of his other books. Reamde comes out soon! Cryptonomicon is amazing so far, although I’m at page 138 out of 1152. Google his wikiquote page. Read it. Read the books’ wikiquote pages. *squees of glee*

7. I recently began listening to Duran Duran. Their new album is awesome. “Notorious” from the album of the same name is an amazing song.

8. I want to beat the last boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, but my brother refuses to play it with me and my friend (now in college) wouldn’t play the PSP version because he’s waiting for the barely-updated PS3 version. AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH. It’s too difficult for me to beat alone!

9. I went to a crazy-good taqueria last night. I’m so glad I grew up in a food-snob family. I love cooking and I love eating. Good thing I love frisbee and biking, or the cooking and eating would be a problem.

10. I think I’ve finally given up on trying to get  a girlfriend in high school. Thus far, I’ve had little luck. Stupid obsession with love and romance… I think I’ll stop actively looking for love in all of the wrong places. It’ll happen eventually! I hope.

11. I have nothing else to say right now.


With that stuff off my chest, I’d like to say that I really do write like that. I use lots of fragments and short sentences to emphasize things. Like this. I also like wordplay and humor, and I get a kick out of repeating the same thing multiple times with slight changes in wording or emphasis. Tautology is fun! I also write nearly all of my dialogue unlabelled. I think it feels more like you’re listening to the conversation if you don’t end every sentence with ” he said” or the equivalent. It might seem like I just don’t know how to write stories (and I don’t), but that’s just my style! I don’t like flowery, page-long descriptions of things. I don’t like breaking the flow of dialogue, when that’s the focus of my writing. Conversations. Lots of them. I write like I talk, and I write lots of talk. That’s what I do. For all of my flashy plot ideas and action scenes, I really do like to build my characters primarily through what they say. That’s how you really get to know people, after all. My characters tend to be witty and intelligent, so I have a lot more fun slipping jokes and insults into character conversations than I do describing how shiny and blue the ocean is. I’m hardly a poet. What do you think, readers? Can a novel have tons of scripted, witty dialogue? Should I be writing plays instead?

Until next time!


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