On My Personal Weaknesses.

Status: Not liking school, not liking how little time I have left to my Finals.

Dear reader, I had never written seriously or taken writing as a serious hobby till sometime last November, when I finally joined up NaNoWriMo. By all estimates, I will soon be entering my first year anniversary of being a writer and this prompts great amounts of reflection in me.

I’ve never been a particularly good writer, truth be told. I’m instead, a very conscientious one. The two are different in the fact that being a good writer means that they seem to have the craft come easily to them, that their words can make a beauty that my words aspire to be. Conscientious writing means that for me, I am determined to progress beyond my meager talents and push it by effort to enter the next level of proficiency. I never write with inspiration and in that kind of way that people automatically fall in love with. I do my hardest to make my stories compelling, but a good lot of the time I do feel like I fall short of the mark.

I make a very big effort to study the tools of the writer and ensure I can push my growth in the fastest way possible. In the past one year, I have seen many things about my writing improve, sometimes unconsciously and sometimes needing a more conscious kick to get the words moving in the right way. I capitalize on my many years of being a bookworm to help me, instinct of how a story should go and how it should get there, and this has proved invaluable. It’s a fantastic asset, and I do think that what Raven said in her post on Saturday was apt – knowing thy weaknesses is your best defense against it.

“The best defense against magic is the knowledge that magic is being performed.”

In the next year, I am going to try very much to improve on a few major points that bring down my writing. I’ll list them here, and maybe, you’ll identify with these problems that I have.

  • Lousy Dialogue:
 Dialogue is a gigantic problem for me. My dialogue is incredibly flat, and only serve to show the plot and further it, rather than develop my characters. Dialogue is rightfully one of the best ways to show characterization of your protagonist with his or her reactions with others. My dialogue doesn’t have that, and I really, really do want to see that change by next year.
  • Flat Characters:
My characters… are not the kind of characters I wish to be. Characters should be fresh and opinionated, but mine aren’t. Characterization is something I know how to do in my head, but I think that translating it from my head to the paper is a different matter altogether. Again, I think that a lot of this depends on the small details, that only through meticulous creation and revision can you create perfection. This will be another problem I will be tackling in the future.
  • Poor Sentence Structure:
My sentence structure is very limited in scope. As my friends and fellow bloggers have pointed out on my behalf before, my sentence structure tends to repeat itself and the over-usage of it will lead to the destruction of any praise my writing can get, because it becomes stale. To develop variation in my sentence structure, I have to experiment widely with many types of story-telling formats, read widely in many genres and also identify good ways of conveying things. Furthermore, knowledge of what kind of structure or phrases I use will be invaluable in helping me check my urges to place them in.

So, what are some of your weaknesses?


4 responses to “On My Personal Weaknesses.

  • Hunger

    You mentioned all of my weaknesses ._. and I’m worse than you… Wait, that would be implying that you’re bad. I’m not as good as you…

  • coffeebeans

    My weaknesses? Well… There’s a lot. Dialouge is my biggest problem, but then again, so is voice. Especially in the beginning of my writing projects. Eventually, voice gets better, but… still. Eh. Character voice and dialouge.

  • rieishere

    I sometimes feel like I use too much dialogue. It over-runs my story and doesn’t let the actual story come through, but at the same time it forwards my characters and lets the reader get to know them. I also use dialogue to forward the motives in my story, and to tell back-story. I use a lot of dialogue, maybe because I talk a lot in person, so dialogue is natural to me. And I can have one set of dialogue run for over three pages before the conversation fizzles out and story actually happens.

  • GallifreyGirl

    Usually my characters are horribly, horribly flat and almost totally the same, but I’m working on that. And I’m awful at describing things, like characters’ looks or settings. Oh, I know what they look like, I just can’t find a place to describe them on paper. And I use “was” a lot. As in, about once every three sentences. I’m still working on it!

    Love the blog, by the way! 😀

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