Science Fiction…No Thanks

The truth must be told…

I do not like science fiction.

Yep, it’s true. It just does not appeal to me in the least. In fact, I do not even like Star Wars. You heard that right. I do not understand the crazy hype of those movies. I don’t think I ever will. So, yes, sci-fi…not my thing.

For some reason, it is automatically assumed that if you enjoy fantasy then you like sci-fi, too. I am not fond of this assumption. I have even been asked, “Since you read so much fantasy, do you like science fiction?” No. I don’t. Not in the least.

To me, fantasy and sci-fi are two totally different things. Fantasy revolves around…well…fantasy things—dragons, elves, dwarves, swordfights, make believe worlds; while sci-fi covers more futuristic or space-type things, usually using laserguns and spaceships instead of swords and horses. Most of the time it is set in futuristic Earth or somewhere in space. There are just so many differences. So why are the two genres put together in people’s minds? I have no idea.

Now, prior to some years ago I am actually much more open to sci-fi these days. Used to, just the sound of science fiction made me shudder I hated it so much. But for just the past 3 years I have been opening my mind to this curious genre. The biggest thing that struck this new chord was discovering the amazing British television show, Doctor Who. This show is very science fiction-y, and yet it is my favorite show. That still surprises even me. It was not the only thing that opened my mind up to the world of sci-fi, but it is probably the biggest reason.

Though I will probably never delve into the deep sci-fi stuff, I can enjoy more light things. Parallel universes, different dimensions, time travel, all intrigue me.

Still, I am not greatly fond of the genre. I have never been big on space, which seems to be a common setting for sci-fi. Give me a sword over a gun any day, or a dragon over a lightning fast ship.

Perhaps I am too hard on the genre. Though I know I do not enjoy watching science fiction on TV, I have only ever read one sci-fi series, and it was not even real high sci-fi, plus, it was from my favorite author so I knew it had to be good. Which it was. (If you are curious, it is the Echoes from the Edge trilogy by Bryan Davis.) So, before I make terrible accusations (which I have over the years), I probably should try this genre out some more. Maybe someday I’ll read science fiction. Words I though I’d never say.

For now though…fantasy will always be my love.



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