The Football player and the Loner

Carly was sitting one the couch in the arms of her boyfriend, Alex. She was thinking of everything that had happened. It’d been an overwhelming few years. She’d seen her one brother shot when he ran after the man that had killed their other brother. It’d sent her into a downward spiral. She went from hanging out every week with her friends to reading alone in a corner. Two years ago yesterday, she started dating again. He was the captain of the football team. He had A’s and B’s in every subject except for Latin but that one was getting up there, thanks to her. He had all the girls fawning over him. Carly couldn’t figure out why he was dating her instead of some cheerleader.

She looked to him and asked, “You could have any girl in the world but yet you’re here with me. Why? I’m damaged and have as much baggage as a diva going on a two week trip. All those cheerleaders, they come with as much baggage as me on a weekend trip.”

“Those cheerleaders,” he said,

“They’re fake and plastic. You….

You’re real. You come to school without any makeup or jewelry on. You have tons of baggage. but I have just as much. I haven’t told anyone this but when I was younger my dad was around. He was always drunk and he beat me.

My mom and I escaped when I was seven but I still have a few scars. Like the on on my arm that I say is from football, its really from when he came at me with a broken beer bottle.

Carly, you are the best thing that has ever happend to me. I’ve never been able to tell this to anyone. We aren’t that different. You lost one brother then watched the other one get killed trying to track down his murderer. I was beaten til I was seven then raised by a single mom. Our only difference is that I use football to deal with it and you use books and self expression. That’s why I’m with you, you know how I feel. Everyone just doesn’t get it.”

Carly smiled and gave Alex a quick peck on the lips then snuggled deeper into her boyfriend’s arms and said to him, “I love you Alex.”

“I love you to, Carly. Don’t ever forget.” he replied holding her tighter.


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