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I like Science Fiction. A lot. A whole lot.

Whether it’s hard, gritty, and  realistic or fake and full of laughable pseudoscience, I love it.

Contrary to what many people believe, Science Fiction isn’t just the classic Star Wars/Star Trek space opera interplanetary adventure. Sure, a lot of it is, but there’s so much more! A personal favorite subgenre of mine is cyberpunk. I love the stuff.

Anyway, back on topic. Science Fiction is merely fiction in which science plays a large role. It doesn’t have to be in the future. It doesn’t have to be in space. It just needs to be somewhere where there’s science going on!

In school, I’m taking an English class called “Technology and Humanity” which focuses on sci-fi. The other day, I heard some Neanderthal-esque jockcreature complaining about how he thought it sounded cool but then when he took it (apparently he didn’t or couldn’t read the course description) and discovered, to his horror, that it was a science fiction class! As the stuff we’ve read so far demonstrates, there’s a whole lot of sci-fi that isn’t just planet-hopping and laser guns. A lot of it is really good, really deep stuff. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma associated with liking science fiction. It’s “nerdy.” It’s “not real literature.” Someone just “doesn’t like it” even though they haven’t read any. You understand.

My favorite author is Neal Stephenson. He writes a lot of sci-fi (or at least that’s the best description) and his book Snow Crash (my favorite book :3 ) is one of the most prominent works of cyberpunk, next to Neuromancer by William Gibson (which is on my to-read list).

I love it. Having grown up around technology, I like fiction with technology. Computers, hackers, cybernetics, etc. It makes me feel happy inside. I don’t care if it’s serious or realistic or whatever. Hell, my friend and I made a hilarious fictional sci-fi universe that we planned to write stories in! It never happened since I lost the sheet of notebook paper on which we wrote everything out, but it was fun!

Science fiction engages the brain. I like my brain. I like to use it.

I read more than science fiction, but it might be my favorite genre. Of course, I’ve stopped trying to write science fiction. I’m pretty crap at world-building, so I’m sticking to supernatural-modern-fantasy-romance-gameshow…

Anyway, back on topic. Science fiction. It rules.


One response to “5(13|\|(3 F1(710|\| FTW

  • Raven

    Thank you! This was a great post! 😀 You’re completely right; sci-fi is so much more than just Star Wars/Star Trek. It’s got so much potential that people overlook.
    And can I just say…I want to take that sci-fi class. :< It sounds fun and productive and AWESOME. 😀

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