Flashbacks: The Deciding Vote

So before beginning my post for this week, I decided to take a look at the others from this week. It appears that there is one vote for both flashbacks are good and flashbacks are bad. I have come to split the tie. Now in no way am I saying that one is better than the other, it’s all in your opinion. I have to say though, I think flashbacks are a good thing and here’s why.


If you’re having trouble trying to put an experience that a character had into words then flashbacks are for you. When you put in a flash back you explain a bit more about a character’s past. Are you looking for a way to explain why you’re character is very shy and antisocial? Try using a flashback to when your character was bullied. By using a flashback to explain their past you make your characters a little less flat and a little more round.


Are you writing the second or third novel in a series? Try adding in a flashback or two to recap what happened in the first or second book. This will not only remind the readers of what has happened but also catch new readers up to speed in case they picked up the wrong book in the series.


Flashbacks are a great way to explain what happened to an important person in a character’s life. If your main character’s only friend died in a horrible car crash before the start of the novel, then you can put in a flashback to help understand why the deceased character is important.


Now you see why flashbacks are a valuable writing technique. We need them to help the reader understand the characters and their personality. They also help you to understand the time period. It also gives the story an aspect of continuity, meaning that it makes the reader feel like these characters have been around for awhile and unless they get killed off they’ll be around for awhile after the end of the story. So consider using a flashback in your next story instead of telling about an event.







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