Your Characters Aren’t Perfect: Trust Me

Well, a new week has rolled around, and with that brings a new topic; the Mary Sue.

What is a Mary Sue? Well, take a look. (The Silver Pens is not responsible for hours of time wasted on the internet).

In short, Mary Sue’s are perfect characters. They’re often so beautiful, it’s a curse, everyone likes them, they never do anything wrong, et cetera. There are different variations of this, including but not limited to Black Hole Sue, Copy Cat Sue, and God Mode Sue. These are the Sues we’ll cover today.

Black Hole Sues are… well, they’re like a black hole. The whole world revolves around them. They want that guy, even if he already has a girlfriend? No problem. That mean bully? Well, one remark from her will send him packing. She gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it… even if it’s not realistic. Honestly, it’s among the worst types of Mary Sue there is.

On to Copy Cat Sue. Copy Cat Sue is a ripoff of a character. Literally. It’s basically the author of a fanfic taking a character that’s already existing, cloning them, and possibly swapping their gender. In the fanfic, it often is either an actual clone or a long lost sibling. Basically, the author was too uncreative to make up their own character. This form is THE worst type of Sue there is; plagiarism much?

Last, but not least, the God Mode Sue. God Mode Sue is the person that exists just to show how powerful they are and how weak everyone else is. Without lifting a finger, they can destroy any villains that you might meet. It’s just an extremely idealized version of the author, in most cases.

So I’m begging you, dear reader; don’t make us read these terrible… creations.

Hoping my characters aren’t these,



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