“Mary Sue walked into the room and everybody turned to look at her. She was wearing a black dress, fishnets, cross-shaped earrings, black eyeliner, red socks, high heels that were high but not too high, and black leather fingerless gloves. She’s so totally goth. All of the guys in the room immediately fell in love with her. Canon characters will be more than willing to change for her. She’s so beautiful that it’s like a curse.

Mary Sue’s parents were killed by the Lord of Evil and she’s sworn her life to revenge. You wouldn’t know that she’s an unpopular loner, though. Despite her bitching, everyone likes her. If they don’t, they’re completely unjustified.

Mary Sue is a pacifist, but let it be known that she fights as well as any man. No, better. She’s the chosen one. She can use all magic, has every superpower, and she quintuple-wields flaming lightsaber katanas. In a universe where none of that stuff exists.

Speaking of katana, Mary Sue’s middle name is “Kuro Kiba,” which is Japanese for “Black Fang” and it’s totally grammatically correct (PROTIP: I’m pretty sure it isn’t). This is because of no good reason. She’s not Japanese. She’s just awesome.

Did I mention how attractive she is? Everyone hates her because of her background. She’s an outcast. No, wait, all of the guys love her. And so does everyone else.

She has a magic scar shaped like a sword on her hand. This is because she is the legendary hero of destiny and the only one capable of defeating the Lord of Evil.

She also has a magic locket given to her by her mother that contains the secret spell that will seal the Lord of Evil away forever, even though realistically an actual competent mage should know the spell.

Her gaze is piercing and her eyes glow like the moon. That’s one of her other special abilities. The Eyes of The Moon allow her to freeze time.

Oh, and she’s a vampire. But she has none of their weaknesses. Because she’s special.

She can learn anything in a matter of seconds. She’s just that good.

And Mary Sue is going to save the world.”


That’s an excerpt from the novel I’m writing! I have such a strong main character, don’t I????


(Note: I made all of the above up on the spot as I wrote it.)




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