Ugh, Writer’s Block.

Hey, guys, Rie here. Hunger asked me to post for him today.

Our topic for this week is writer’s block, something ever writer faces. Hunger had writer’s block about writer’s block. If I hadn’t been laughing for the last hour, I might still not have anything to say. Writer’s block is something everyone has to deal with, try to break. I bash my head into the hall when I get writer’s block, or slam my hands on my keyboard and growl at my screen. If I get serious writer’s block, I watch some baseball, and if need be, practice piano.

It usually fixes my writer’s block. But as for me, right now, I have writer’s block as how to continue this post, I’m tired, and I have homework.


Good night, world. And may the Writer’s Block avoid you.


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I'm Rie. There's nothing overly exciting about me. I'm studying for Early Childhood/Elementary Education and Music. And that's about it. I have an amazing group of friends, but sometimes... we get a little... band nerdy... View all posts by rieishere

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