Well, I have time… Wait, it needs to be done tomorrow!?

NaNoWriMo starts in less than seven hours here. That means we’ll all be writing deadlines.

The important thing to remember about deadlines is that, even if they look like a long ways away, they’re right around the corner, and it’s better to get them done early than to get them done late. Trust me, when they’re being rushed, they’ll be bad–even if it is in just on time.

Now, there are a couple ways to deal with this. I’ll cover one now, then edit this later Set daily goals.

Really, they’re great motivators. What makes it better is if you punish yourself whenever you don’t achieve the daily goal. What one of my friends suggested is that you find something that you want, and get that amount of money in ones. Every day that you achieve your goal, put one dollar in a jar that’s labelled “Good Boy/Girl”. But, if you don’t get your goal, then you have to put a dollar in a jar labelled “Bad Boy/Girl”. If you get all of the money in the “Good Boy jar, then


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