On Managing Your Distractions

Status: Why do you think I’m making a post like this. -shakes fist at Persona 4-

During NaNo, we suffer from the ‘blahs’. ‘Blahs’ occur when we go ‘meh’, ‘bored’ and ‘I don’t wanna’. Alternatively, it’s called distraction, insanity, boredom and shiny things.

You don’t want to get the ‘blahs’ when you’re in NaNo.

If you’re like me, you’re probably already chock full of distractions. Though I’m pretty much on track – 5k of words on the first day and looking for a crazy wordgoal of 300k (maybe you aren’t me…), I’ve been hit by a terrible disease – one that threatens to derail my foray into NaNo this year.

I found shiny new games to play.

I’m not a very regular player – but when I get into something, I go all out. When I was younger, I was a Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Rune Factory, Final Fantasy and Harvest Moon junkie. I could waste hours and hours on my little Gameboy (and I still do)… and I tell you. It takes your time away from you. When I hit puberty… I stopped playing games, except for maybe games like Prototype, Mirrors Edge and Valkryia Chronicles.

And now? I’m stuck with Persona.

You do not want to have your entire life suddenly be consumed by a shiny new distraction – you should try to exercise it in moderation.

Keep a good look on the clock. Give yourself a time limit. Remember your long term goals far outweigh your short-lived happiness.

Take a stick to yourself and force yourself to sit down at your computer and write. Ignore the lure of your shiny things.

Don’t succumb to the blahs.

I’m such a terrible motivational speaker, aren’t I.

Oh well, I’m done for the day. It’s time for me to go and check and see if my computer finally installs the stuff right.

With Warm Regards,


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