Oops, Missed My Deadline. Again.

So there’s this wonderful thing in the world called strep throat. Yep. I got it this last week. What have I been saying for a month? ‘I don’t have time to get sick. I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.’ Of course, this is when I get sick and miss a full week of class. This full week of class is also a full week of passed and late deadlines.

There were projects to get done, papers to be written, music to be practiced, conversations to be had. One case of strep, and all that seems much less important, and the only deadline you care about is the next time you can pop that amoxicillin pill. You forget about the homework, and the papers, and the people you’d otherwise make time for, and the only thing you can think about is how soon you’re going to get better. So my weekend, post becoming coherent again, has been spent trying to catch up on all my missed deadlines, without looking too worriedly at the upcoming ones. Homework came first, then this blog. Everything has been pushed back, and I’m not sure how I’m going to catch up. And remember, I still have that monster deadline of 50,000 words by midnight of the 30th looming over my head while I sleep, practice, and try to learn something.

While I don’t know exactly how I’m going to get caught up with all these deadlines, I know I’m going to catch up. Because I have amazing friends who understand if my blog post is a day late, and will force me to be productive for a while.

The bad thing about getting behind on deadlines, is that you now have to choose which ones to catch up with first. For me, that’s my Honors class. Then German, then Child Development, then Calc, then NaNoWriMo, then a social life. I am currently 6 workbook pages behind in German from what I’ve missed, and they’re on my list of things to get done… Tomorrow. Honors I’m caught up in, as long as I don’t miss the next two deadlines that are fast approaching. I’m going to be catching up with something all week, but I refuse to let myself have to catch up on sleep. Because my number one priority, above Honors, and homework, and work, is being healthy again. Which means my amoxicillin and sleep call to me. Again.

And so, it is with amoxicillin in one hand, and Dr. Pepper in the other to swallow it down with, that I leave you with this thought: If you think you have a lot of deadlines to make, wait until you’re sick for a week and have twice and many and half the time. And never forget that it is better to be late, than to never be at all, but if at all possible, strive to be early.


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I'm Rie. There's nothing overly exciting about me. I'm studying for Early Childhood/Elementary Education and Music. And that's about it. I have an amazing group of friends, but sometimes... we get a little... band nerdy... View all posts by rieishere

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