Um… My Characters Aren’t Doing Anything…

No, this post is not late. Why do you ask?

Anyway, this week those that will be posting will be posting about character development. Because, face it, we all hate it when the characters don’t change at all.

What exactly is character development? Well, to the extent of my very very veeeeeeeery limited knowledge, it’s as simple as your character changes over the course of the story – of course, whether or not it’s good or bad is a different story altogether.

My characters, for example, are going to get more mature. Except for the FMC. She’s just going to get… different. Still immature, but different. And I’m really not looking forward to trying to write that.

Basically, for good character development, make sure that your characters don’t stay exactly the same after everything. Have them change a little bit a time. Maybe a serious person will learn how to laugh. Or a not-so-serious person will learn to take certain parts of life seriously.

Okay, I have to go write my NaNo. Lec will be along sometime to tell you how you’re actually supposed to do this. Toodles!



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