Characterization… why can’t they characterize themselves?

Hey guys, Emma here. So this week we are talking about Characterization.

Characterization is hard. It really is. Characters are the main reason why readers remember the books that they’ve read. It’s because they feel like they can relate to the characters, and what they are going through. Now, characters cannot go through anything if they have no feelings. Feelings are very important when working with characters, and you will not get very devoloped characters if they are as bland as a pile of dirt.

(I stink at metaphors, I know.)

Characters need to devolop as the story progresses, too. They cannot just stay the same little whiney Bella the whole story. Sorry.

When characters go through new experiences, make them learn something. That something can reappear throughout the story in the things that the character does then, or even does differently.

Here are some simple tips:

1.Know your character’s past. Knowing your character’s past can really help characterization, even if you do not reveal every detail to the reader. Letting out just bits and pieces at a time really adds to the character.

2. Show, don’t tell.  Show the character’s mood or personality through the things that the character does, instead of just telling the reader that the character is like this.

3.  How do others feel about this character? Show how other people view this character. You should not make your character too perfect, too brave, too noble, too selfish, even. A character should be like a person in everything possible with the story. Your character needs to have flaws.

I hope that those few tips help along your writing journey. 😀

And you already know how horrible I am at closing things, so… Yep. Bye!


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