Excerpt: The Guardian

Okay guys, so this week we should all be posting something from our novels! I don’t know how many will make it, since we’re not all finished and for some it’s a mad dash, but we’re doing our best! Here’s mine, from ‘The Guardian’. Should be self explanatory; the characters are graduating from their apprenticeship. WARNING: THIS IS AN UNEDITED EXCERPT FROM A NANO NOVEL. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

“Greetings, citizens of Sinvarra! Today, we are gathered to celebrate the graduation of these apprentices into full Guardianship.” He pauses while the crowd roars in approval. After it dies down, he continues. “As you know, for hundreds of years, humans of Kilanya and the dragons have been forming special bonds, and we use the members of these pacts to defend our country. These apprentices have gone through the required seven years of training, and now are ready to be presented with their dragons.

“The dragons have been training hard as well. When the humans and dragons bond, they will truly be one in mind and spirit. They will fight through thick and thin, through war and through times of relative peace, to defend out beloved country.”

He finishes just as the sun is going down. Suddenly, a loud roar comes from above; excited – and somewhat frightened – to see my possible bonds, I turn my face skyward.

The energy that washes over me is ten thousand times the amount of what I was feeling earlier. Gold and red surround me – I open my mouth in a silent scream. I am burning, hot as the sun. I can feel my knees weakening – I don’t know that I’ll be able to stand through this intense heat.

Soon, the pain fades away, leaving me bursting with energy. I can jump to the moon, run around the earth, and do push-ups for a week straight and I’d still have energy pouring out of me. For a moment, the world takes on a tint of gold.

Just as quickly, the gold leaves, and it takes the energy with it, leaving me a hollow shell. I realize that I closed my eyes after the gold left; shivering, I open them.

There, standing in front of me, is a gold dragon. I realize what that means.

I am now a Guardian of Kilanya.


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