Excerpt: More Pink than Sunsets

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating this holiday! I hope you have a lovely one full of fellowship with friends and family.

Second, I could not decide if I wanted to post a more humorous, lighthearted excerpt from my NaNo, or throw in a dramatic scene. I don’t know why, but I decided to go with the dramatic one. I hope you all do not mind.

Quick explanation here: Naidren and Nyria are brother and sister twins.  The characters have just suffered through a huge battle in a large city and Naidren has been severely wounded as well as his dragon, Ferrleth. Now a girl, Erra, is trying to get Nyria to take Naidren to the castle where he can get tended to upon Nyria’s dragon Afayleth.

Nyria looked at her with wild eyes. “Is he going to be all right?” was all she could stammer out.

Erra stood up and put a strong hand on her shoulder, trying to lift her to her feet. “If you get him to the healers in the castle in time. You cannot waste a moment.”

The knights lifted Naidren carefully to take him over to Afayleth. Nyria was quivering so much she could barely stand on her feet but Erra provided support. “What about Ferrleth?” Nyria asked in a frenzy, glancing at the weak dragon lying beside her.

“Ferrleth,” a moaning voice echoed her. Everyone looked over to see Naidren weakly pushing at the knights that held him and pointing at his dragon. “Ferrleth!” he moaned louder. “They…they are going to kill her. Ferrleth.”

“He needs attention now,” one of the knights said. “I think he is in a delusional state.”

Erra pushed Nyria roughly towards Afayleth. “You must help your brother now. I will stay with Ferrleth.”

Nyria looked at her in surprise. “But…”

“Nyria, you must go now,” Erra snapped with authority. “I assure you no more harm will come to this dragon. I give you my word. Now hurry!” With the last word, she gave Nyria another push and Nyria finally resented. Climbing atop Afayleth, she leaned down to help the knights position Naidren in front of her where should could keep a grip on him. He was still moaning but it was mostly incoherent now. “Hurry, Afayleth,” Nyria choked out.

Afayleth lifted into the sky gently and soared towards the castle. Nyria held her brother close. Tears streamed down her face as her body continued its frantic trembling. She barely realized when they landed or how she got a group of people outside the castle to help them. All she could think about was her brother. Next thing she knew they were in a large room with hundreds and hundreds of people scattered everywhere. Naidren was taken to a corner and laid on a cot where healers began working on his wounds immediately.

Nyria pushed passed the people and watched with wide eyes as they tended to her brother. Sweat was pouring from his body and he continued moaning. His face was so pale.

The healers worked frantically around him, shouting out orders as they tried to tend to his most severe wounds.

“I don’t know if he is going to make it,” one of them cried out. “He is losing too much blood!”

This sent the already frenzied Nyria into complete hysterics. She found herself trembling even harder and shouting Naidren’s name over and over.

“Get her out of here!” one of the healers ordered.

Strong arms grabbed Nyria from behind and she tried to push them off. “No, no! I need to help Naidren!” The arms pulled her farther and farther away. “No! Naidren! Naidren!” she screeched. She kicked and pushed and screamed as she was dragged out of the room. Her head began to throb again making her vision grow dark. The last thing she remembered was shrieking out her brother’s name as a door closed in front of her, blocking her view of him.

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