Every Leaf?

Brownie points if you can figure out this week’s theme from the title. It’s *drumroll* worldbuilding!

Now, how does the title have anything to do with this? Well, is it really necessary for you to know every detail of your world? And the answer is… no. You don’t need to do that much worldbuilding to write your novel. At least, not at first. Here, let me explain…

When you first have that idea for a story in your mind, I’m sure that you have some kind of idea about how you want it to begin and how you want it to end. You don’t have to know what’s going to happen in between those two points, though; that’s where worldbuilding is best done. After all, the best worldbuilding often happens in the actual story. In my experience, building the world before you start the story constricts it; it means you can’t make things up on the spot. If you do, you have to practically rework the whole world.

However, don’t take this as saying that no worldbuilding should be done at all. You do need to know how some things work; for instance, you can’t just randomly work a magic system that has almost no repercussions just because you feel that it ‘needs’ to be in the story.

Sorry for the short post… I’ll add more when I’m not in a bad mood/pressed for time/just not feeling well.



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