Hey there, guys. It’s Emma. This week, we’re talking about romance. I’m a sucker for it, but I unfortunately am no good at writing it–due to my romance-free single life. I’ve been trying to incorporate some of it in my current novel, and we’ll see how I’m doing on it later.

For now, though, since romance hates me and I missed the week where we posted excerpts, I’m just going to post one. Enjoy, and I am sorry that I do not have anything else to offer. This story takes place in the 1940’s, so please do not be thrown off by the way that the characters are speaking.


The house was blue, but it was light and faded. It gave off sort of a mystic feel. The curtains, visible from the window, were white and flowing, making themselves look ghostly. I felt like running past the house as I used to when I was smaller, but I resisted. I was a big girl now, and I could walk past the house like a civilized person if I wanted to. Therefore, I did. I raised my chin, put my eyes on the road before me, and walked politely past the house. As my back was towards the house, I heard the door open, making an eerie noise.

I could not help myself; I screamed. Loud and clear. The whole town could have heard that horrible high-pitched sound. Forcing myself to settle, I quickly calmed myself before turning around to meet my fate. If I were to die, I would die trying.

As I turned around, I spotted the culprit of the noise. I had to resist from putting a hand to my mouth in humiliation. The person was Clarence–my well known arch enemy.

I yelled at him and strode forward, my arms crossed. “Clarence! You little sly fox. How could you scare me like that? I almost died, thank you very much. Oh, fiddlesticks. Now you had to see me act all scared. I cannot believe you!” I said, much to his obvious surprise. I did not think that he was expecting my wordiness and anger.

“Miss Virginia, I am dreadfully sorry,” he emphasized the word ‘dreadfully’. I knew he was teasing me, which made me even madder. I could not stand the boy. “But I had matters that were of the utmost priority. You know, important stuff. I do not think you would understand.” He paused. I fumed.

I took advantage of his pause and turned on him again. “I still cannot believe that anything important like that should be used against a girl like me. It is not polite to scare people, Clarence Klein, and I should hope you know that, being the rich scum that you are,” I said. I did not regret anything I said to him during that moment, but I knew I would later. I mean, that was Clarence. It was horrible to talk to him in that way, him being the mayor’s son. Still. He deserved it.

Clarence looked surprised again. I was not sure if it was mock surprise or genuine, but I still did not like it. He did not expect a woman like me to be mouthing off at him, did he? Oh no, because he knew that he could get away with anything, and still have hopeless girls drooling all over him. Nice try, Clarence.

“Miss Virginia, again, I apologize,” Clarence said. He sounded a drop more sincere this time, but I still did not really believe him. “I hope you will forgive my foolishness. Until next time,” he said, with a tip of his little newspaper carrier hat.

“Good day, Mister Clarence,” I confirmed, waiting for him to leave. No way was I turning around until he was gone.

“Good day, Miss Virginia,” he said, leaving my sight.


There you go. Obviously, it could use some work, and obviously, it has nothing to do with romance. Clarence and Virginia could get together, but that would be so horribly cliche that I would not be able to stand it. Romance shouldn’t be cliche.

Anyway, there is my little blog entry. I hope you enjoy it! Until next time, happy writing!


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One response to “Romance?

  • Terri

    Hi!!! I just wanted to say how good that piece was. ive been trying to write a book for a long time, and i love it when you guys put up your little excerpts and everything. i really like your work too, emma. i think that this was really funny, and i hope that you post more in the blog you are a great writer and thats all i wanted to say.

    oh by the way, my name is terri! i like this blog and i like the people!

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