A Time to Resolve

Hey guys, and happy 2012 to all of you! I’m a tad busy with things at the moment, so I’m going to steal my post from my own blog, Hungry For Writing.

I have made resolutions before… and failed to keep them. I’m chalking this up to not telling anyone what they were and then lying to myself that I did, in fact, keep them. So, I’m going to make a list of five resolutions that I’m holding you, dear readers, to make sure I complete them. Without further ado…

1. Lose Weight
I don’t lie to myself about my weight. I’m terrible obese, and this needs to change. This has been my resolution for the past… I don’t even remember how long. But it’s a major problem, and I’m going to fix it, hopefully with the help of a few friends…

2. Milwordy
Who doesn’t enjoy a good writing challenge? Well, how about one that lasts all year? Milwordy challenges you to write one million words in a single year. Am I crazy for accepting this? Most likely, what with me barely having any time to write. It will definitely involve a lot of self-motivation, it will probably stress me out beyond belief, but hopefully I’ll be able to persevere and improve my writing a lot.

3. Actually Finish Something
Related to point three, I want to actually finish something that I’ve started. I’ve started too many works to count, whether they be fanfiction or original fiction, but never once have I finished. Sure, I was close to finishing a couple, but then that spark went out and in moments of sheer stupidity I went and deleted them. So I already have plans for a few stories that will hopefully be completed.

4. Prioritize Studies
I’m not saying that I’m a bad student, but I’m not a 4.0 (which is my goal). At the rate I’ve been going, I might be able to get up there by the end of the semester. But I know that the only way that I can get there is if I cut back on my internet (and sadly, writing) time and actually focus on my studies. The fact that I go to a school that has normal classes equal to AP classes in public school makes it more challenging. But I’m up for a challenge.

5. Improve Social Life
I’m about the most socially awkward guy you can meet. The strange thing is, I like being around people. In fact, I go a little crazy when I’m not around people. I just have a hard time making friends due to my paralyzing nervousness/paranoia. Most of my friends will be leaving at the end of semester, so I’m taking that as a sign that I’ll need to improve my social skills, and fast.

Wishing you all a great New Year celebration,


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