Through the Eyes of ________

One thing that definitely shapes a book is the point of view (POV). I’m not going to insult your intelligence and tell you what each of them are, merely explain the benefits and cons of each. Here goes:

1st Person:

  • First person is probably the easiest to write well out of the different POVs. It makes sense; if you’re in the person’s head, then that obviously is going to help out with character development, and it can help give a background. The relationship to other characters is easier to make clear, too.
  • However, first person is extremely limited. You only know the thoughts of one character (maybe a couple more depending on the situation), and action might be going on somewhere else while your main character is occupied with some unimportant tasks (i.e. sleeping, serving the princess, trying to turn a frog into a toad, etc.) .

2nd Person:

  • Well, the only thing I’m going to say about second person is that you’ll be talented to not make the reader seem like a creeper.

3rd Person:

  • Third person, while possibly being the easiest to get out, is a tad more difficult to write well than first person. The fact that you’re outside of the character limits the chances to build background without just telling everyone that this is what happened. You have to link it to the main task – whether it be an object reminding them of a loved one, a memory that needs to be shown in order for the prose to make sense, or some other reason is up to you. (Another way to do it would be to tell two stories at once, such as I’m doing with my Hunger Games fanfic.)
  • Through third person you can have multiple MCs without it being so confusing. You’ll also be able to cover multiple events, and it also adds a certain mystery when the main characters aren’t revealing every one of his/her thoughts. Be careful, though – don’t make it too vague, and don’t have sixty MCs. That’s just overboard.



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