Simply Inspired

What does it take to inspire? That varies from person to person. For me personally, I take a word, or a phrase, or just some feeling that I have, and continue to develop that into a plot. Oftentimes the original inspiration is lost in building the story; however, that is only to be expected.

What you need to do to find your muse. Listen to music a lot? Well, then just listen to songs. Get a taste for them. While your listening to them, write down how you feel, and go from there. Maybe some people like taking walks, looking to nature for inspiration. Some people may be inspired in completely unexpected places, like in the shower, or driving down the highway in the middle of the night. That’s why it’s always handy to have a pencil and notebook handy. Keep one by your bedside, in case you wake up from a dream that shows promise. Whatever it is, just find your muse.



About Kippe

I'm just your average teenager. I have a love of music and writing. When it comes to writing, I write High Fantasy. You can usually catch me daydreaming about wars between dragons, elves, dwarves, and other fantastical creatures. View all posts by Kippe

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