Format Change, Just An Important Note.

Hi, everyone. As a group, the four of us have decided to slow down our posting. We’re all busy people, and we want to keep this as time efficient as possible. We’re splitting us so we only post twice a week for two weeks, and then the cycle starts again. So, Hunger posted yesterday, Raven will post Wednesday, and next week Lectin will post Tuesday and I will move my day to Thursdays. We’ll all still post about the same topic, this block’s being Inspiration, we’re just spreading it out a little.



About rieishere

I'm Rie. There's nothing overly exciting about me. I'm studying for Early Childhood/Elementary Education and Music. And that's about it. I have an amazing group of friends, but sometimes... we get a little... band nerdy... View all posts by rieishere

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