Inspire Me, Small Voice, Inspire Me.

Before I begin my post for this topic, I’d like to say a few things. First, thank you to everybody who has been, or is, reading this. The four posters take a very great deal of pride in this blog, and we try to provide you with only the best we can muster. We spend a lot of time thinking about each post, and each topic, weighing the pros and cons and our own ideas.

Second, I may be helping start another blog similar to this with my school’s Creative Writing club (aka The Unhappy Gopher Club). I will let you all know when that blog gets started if we get it started. I am the official “WordPress¬†liaison” and will be helping get it set up and organized. I can only hope and encourage that the lovely people that follow or read this blog will follow me over there as we begin making intelligent posts.

And now onward towards Inspiration.

Inspiration is very unorganized idea. It’s different for every person, how you find it, how you hone it, and how you create from it. My inspirations come from many different places.

For a story, a line from another story, or something someone says, or a line or verse from a poem, or a line or verse or chorus of a song can inspire me.

For a poem, the same kinds of things can inspire me.

For a blog post, well, there’s usually Hunger on top of the other things I’ve mentioned.

I can also find inspiration from looking at a picture (a really great way to write flash fiction, honestly), or a passing thought, or something I see that isn’t a picture.

I enjoy painting nails, and my designs always turn out different. Always interesting, and always different. I’m not sure there’s always inspiration for this kind of creativity, at least not from one place that can be pinpointed. But this blog is about writing and not nails, so back to business.

Inspiration is sometimes the hardest part of a story, poem, or song. That doesn’t mean it’s something to be scared of.

Here are some tips to hone where to find inspiration, if this is a place you don’t know where to start:

– use writing prompts. Prompts can be found by the hundreds on the internet in different places.

– use a picture. Sometimes a picture will give you inspiration for a scene, and a scene can become a whole novel.

– listen to your favorite song or group, and pick a line from one of your favorite songs. Make it a line that a character says or thinks, and viola, a story idea, or at least somewhere to start from.

– use the next thing you overhear somewhere as a title, and see where it takes you.

– pick a name, from anywhere, and develop a character. Once you have a character, stories or poems will evolve on their own.

I hope these help, and even if they don’t, I hope you realize that inspiration can come from truly anywhere. Inspiration may never come from the same place twice, and if it does, the end result will always be different.


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I'm Rie. There's nothing overly exciting about me. I'm studying for Early Childhood/Elementary Education and Music. And that's about it. I have an amazing group of friends, but sometimes... we get a little... band nerdy... View all posts by rieishere

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