Assignment? Joy.

Writing for assignments.

Frankly, I hate it.

The thing that I hate about it is the limits on your creativity. How many times have you wanted to go somewhere with a story for school, only to realize that it has to be only three pages, or there can’t be anything too gory, and you’re left with barely a fragment of what could have been a beauty?* That’s what I feel.

Personally, I think that all English teachers who force their normally writerly-type students to stray from their creative system should be shot.



*I apologize for the massive sentence here.


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I'm just your average teenager. I have a love of music and writing. When it comes to writing, I write High Fantasy. You can usually catch me daydreaming about wars between dragons, elves, dwarves, and other fantastical creatures. View all posts by Kippe

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