Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Hey everyone, I’m back! I’m sure you all missed me!

It’s the end(ish) of March. And you know what that means; Script Frenzy (Screnzy) is around the corner. What is Screnzy, you might ask? Well, it’s when authors from around the world try their hand at writing a one hundred page script in just thirty days!

Will I be doing this come April? Absolutely.

Scriptwriting is very fun. There are certain things you can get away with in scripts that would be a sin in a novel. For example, I’m very bad at description. While in novels I have to spend painful minutes trying to find out how to describe the house, in a script I can just say exactly how I want the house to look.

A con of scriptwriting is that you can’t give background, which I love doing (though not very well). Perhaps they come across an old relic that has been used in sacred rituals for hundreds of years. I can’t just write that in the description; if it were an actual movie, they wouldn’t know that, so it wouldn’t be important.

So overall, I encourage all of you dear readers to try your hand at scriptwriting this April. Will all of you succeed? Probably not. But that’s not the goal; the goal is to have fun with all of your other writers while trying something new.




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