Scripting. Wait. What?

Personally, when I was confronted, by dear Hunger no less, by the thought of Scripting for Screnzy, I was a little terrified. Still am, and it’s four days into April. I’ve been in plays, and I did solo acting in high school for speech. So I have performed scripts, read them, interpreted them. But I’d never given thought to writing one. Now I have.

For my Screnzy I’m writing short 8 to 10 minute monologues/dialogues that can be used as speech entries. This is impressively harder than I had thought it would be. Not only because I’m no longer in the head of my character, which is something Lectin pointed out, but also that I can’t describe things.

The lack of ability to describe setting, facial expressions, props, clothes is what gets me. That is what makes it almost impossible to write a script.  I write prose with a lot of dialogue; it’s just how I write. But when I’m not writing dialogue I’m world building, or describing everything. And with scripting I can’t do that. And that is why I gave up Screnzy, four days in.

So, short post. But I don’t have much to say about Scripting. Enjoy your day.


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