Posty Post for Middle Earth

The Middle. Heh. How can I write on the Middle, if I can’t even write beginnings? Apparently, most people know where their stories start and end, but they have trouble with all the Middle Things. All the Middle Ground you have to get through. Me? I’d rather be given a Beginning, write the Middle, and have someone else write the End. 

I like the Middle. Done with the exposition nonsense that I can never get right, and with no worries for the loose ends I’m sure to leave at the End. The Middle is where I find comfort in killing characters, causing drama, and doing all kinds of other things that are neither Beginning nor End appropriate. 

So I’m going to tell you to come to terms with the Middle. I’m one of the odd ones that actually enjoys the Middle, but I believe everyone should come to terms with the Middle Earth, if you will.


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2 responses to “Posty Post for Middle Earth

  • secretly-broken

    I have to say I’m with you about liking the middle. I feel like there’s so much pressure with the beginning and ending. Your beginning is supposed to hook on a reader, your ending is supposed to leave a memorable impression. Yeah, your middle is really important too because it is a huge chunk of the story but I feel like there isn’t as much pressure associated with the middle.

    • rieishere

      For me it’s not the amount of pressure on any one part of the story. For me, the Middle is like a deep breath to get your through. But it’s also the point where you know your characters, you know your setting, and even if they change, they change into things and people you know before hand. The Middle is nice because it’s freedom, and happiness, and perseverance, and agony, and where you fall in love with your characters and the story you’re writing. And then I get to that point, and I know I could write an End, but I don’t want the story to be over. I don’t want to put down these characters and just leave them and their adventures alone. So I come up with more things to put in the Middle. And if I got my way, I’d never write an End, just a story that had a Beginning and a Middle, but never got to an End, and just kept continuing on and on.

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