Fanfiction and Other Thingamajigs

Status: I am not in a healthy place at all right now, and so I’m going to keep this short. I’d apologise but I’m not sorry.

Fanfiction is fun. Created by fans, for fans, fanfiction is generally kept out of the public eye, except in certain cases where they gain widespread fame. Regarded as esoteric, possibly, it is hard for people to accept fanfiction, unless you are inside the community.

Fanfiction has its own set of rules and lexical terms. Take for example “broh 20k pwp harry potter crossover”. People probably won’t understand what that means unless they’ve spent time in fandom, and understand what is going on. For people like me, and the seasoned fan, this would /probably/ be easy stuff to decipher. Interesting? Interesting.

As a writer with the hopes to publish, I would personally be slightly uncomfortable with people making fanfiction of my characters, but I would be flattered. In fact, I would allow fanfiction (just keep it classy, folks). The only thing is that I wouldn’t be able to read it, seeing as that would open up a whole host of issues regarding copyrights and other rights that take too much research for me to care about but I know is Not-Good-For-Brain.

But as a fanfiction writer myself, I would say that fanfiction is an amazing creation that has a strong community. I don’t publish fanfiction often – but I do like it. I spend a lot of time reading fanfiction, and from it I derive great pleasure.

I do believe that as a writer, I can improve a lot from writing fanfiction and establishing myself as a writer with people who would be willing to take a chance and read my work, and tell me whether it is worth reading. And to be frank, fanfiction is such a large topic we would hardly be able to cover it even if we tried. So I’m just going to stop here, making a few broad observations on fanfiction as it is, from a few perspectives. I do hope I can make better content for you all in a fortnight’s time.



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