Because I’m a bad person, I left this till two days after I was supposed to have it up.

And so this may be quicker than I’d initially thought.

And then I can go to sleep.

…That would be nice.


I like poetry.  There’s something about having the right words in the right place, and sometimes what I think of as poetry or prose isn’t necessarily what other people might think of as poetry or prose.  For instance: the words “susurrus”  or “penultimate” are poetry to me.  Their syllables fall perfectly on the tongue in a way that is pleasing on the ear.  However, I also like more conventional poetry: like Blake, or Poe.

But that doesn’t really matter, because most of the time, as long as the words say what you want them to in the right way, it still counts.

To explain: A new anthology about BorderTown got finished recently, and one of the contributing authors was Cory Doctorow: not exactly the first person I’d think about to write a story set in an urban fantasy elf-realm type world. (Both of these are fantastic, by the way.  BorderTown was one of the worlds that saved my sanity in high school and Cory Doctorow’s For The Win and various other works are fantastic.) At any rate, the main character is trying to bring Internet to a place that operates on a mix of science and magic…depending on which way the wind is blowing that day.  Say, for instance, if you had to charge your phone, you’d buy a spell box from a reputable wizard.  Or if you needed a decent charm to keep your house together, you might need a AAA battery to keep the thing running.

So he’s got a bit of a problem.

My point is that at some point in the story, the characters are explaining how elf rules work.  And it’s all, okay, so it obviously needs justice…but there’s also a required level of aesthetic.  Or tragedy.  Or drama.  Like, if I were to toss a paper bag in the Red River, here I might get slapped with a fine or something.  There I’d have to go on a quest to make a weeping willow laugh.

So it’s weird, and a little ridiculous…but it’s also really beautiful, and something really cool might just happen.

That’s poetry.


…I’m going to sleep now.


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