Hey, guys. I’m Rie. I’m a freshman at the University of North Dakota, and I love it here. I’m super-busy, with marching band, hall government, hall-of-the-year committee, Creative Writing Club, NaNo, and the daily messes of life, the universe, and everything in it. With my busy schedule, I have a wonderful poster to split Wednesdays with. Zeph will be along later, I’m sure, to inform you of herself.

I listen to a lot of music, and my iPod-type device is very eccentric when on shuffle. Music rules my life, more than breathing some days. Here’s my blog, based around music I listen to, and what going on in my life, my thoughts, perspective, outlooks, and anything else I may throw in any given post: http://musicrulesmylife.wordpress.com.  To all you who may read this blog, another blog for writers is http://poeticwhispers.wordpress.com.

I’m at school for Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Honors, and a music minor. I know I’m insane for it, but hey, I love all of them. Why should I have to give any of them up? Yeah, I could combine everything I love doing by going into Music Education, or even Music Therapy, with, say, a minor in Composition. Writing, teaching, music, they’d all be there. But I want to teach Kindergarten age children, and I have since my first day of Kindergarten 13 years ago.

I love the fine arts. Literature, Music, Art, Languages. Although, I must admit, I’m terrible at learning languages. But they fascinate me. I read almost anything, listen to absolutely anything, and art is something I can’t escape from, assuming for some reason I wanted to. Photography, painting, and good old fashioned coloring with crayons.

My love language, for it will help you understand some of the reasons I think the way I do about some subjects, is that of Physical Touch. Just being with someone. Hugs, especially. I’m fond of having someone there, but being happily independent. Ignore me, abuse me, or refuse to be there, and you will be the worse off. That’s a promise. I’ve broken hearts and lost friends because of neglect or abuse. I don’t appreciate being forgotten. Talk bad all you want to about me though, because it won’t affect me.

I have a very serious love of quotes. Finding them, hoarding them, and giving them out again. One of my favorites, from a band director I had for a national festival, “You are what you have to give. Have a lot to give a lot. You have a lot to give.” Albeit, he was talking about the musical abilities of the band being able to turn words and symbols on paper into emotions and thoughts in the minds of the listeners. But his point travels on to those who write, speak, volunteer, teach, act, and any number of traits and abilities a person may have that can cause someone else to feel something.

I feel 500 words is sufficient in describing myself, at least for the purpose of this page. I will admit, however, that there is much more to me than what I’ve told you.



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