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I'm just your average teenager. I have a love of music and writing. When it comes to writing, I write High Fantasy. You can usually catch me daydreaming about wars between dragons, elves, dwarves, and other fantastical creatures.

*sighs* Poetry


I’ve stumbled upon this blog recently, and it’s gotten me really interested in poetry.

Before I read that blog, I had barely looked at poetry; the only time I had written it was the time I was forced to for English class, and I’d rarely read any of it willingly. I knew there was something about lines and feet and meters, but I figured that most poems just rhymed with the exceptions being Free-verse or Haiku, and that was that.

Only now do I realize how wrong I was. Poetry is really something deeper than I realized. It comes from the soul, and is really quite beautiful. The different types of poems; from Luc Bat, Diagonal Acrostic, Sestina, or just a simple Couplet, are really quite amazing and can be quite complex.

I’m not claiming to know a lot about poetry (or even writing prose, for that matter). But that’s something that I definitely want to change. I feel that with writing and gaining skill in poetry, I’ll also gain skill at writing prose, which is still going to remain one of my more prominent art forms.

I apologize for the short post, but I almost forgot about this and I had to write a little quickie.




We’re Coming Back, Don’t Worry

Hi! So, I realize that we’ve been gone for a while… sorry about that. Don’t worry though, we’re getting back into the swing of things (with the exception of Raven, who will be back at the end of summer. We hope.)

So, the other people will be finishing up last block’s theme in the next couple weeks, then I’ll come back with an actual post.

Excited to come back,

The Land of Mary Sue…

Hey y’all! This block we’re going to be writing about fanfiction. (I think that one of us has done this before. But we’re going to stretch it into a block’s topic.)

Fanfiction is one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, I do read fanfiction. Attempt to, at least. You see, the thing is that Fanfiction is where Mary Sue and her cousin Gary Stu live.

The problem with fanfiction is that a lot of it is written by

  • Twelve-year-olds
  • People who have no idea how to write in proper English but think they have an amazing idea
  • People who can at least get grammar in but cannot make characters to save their lives

Now, I’m not saying that all fanfics are this bad; I’ve actually found a couple good ones in my searching. But sometimes I just want to cry. When I read it.

I’m sorry for the short and somewhat pointless post. I’ve been feeling a bit of an inspiration block lately, but I’m going to try to break out of that by the next time I post.

Until next time, my loves


But I don’t Wanna Write That Part!

It’s a struggle that all writers face at one point or another. No, I don’t mean writer’s block. I mean The Middle.

The Middle is generally the place where writer’s tend to slack off a bit in their writing. And that also happens to be the same place where readers tend to zone out a little bit, so oftentimes we can get away with this.

Frankly, The Middle is always the hardest part to write. It’s that part of the story where sometimes you feel as if you’re pouring all of your energy into your writing and yet making little or no headway at all. You’re not quite sure of where you’re headed, just knowing that you want to hit that seemingly unattainable ending. At times, you can’t even see that light at the end of the tunnel. You’re characters are beginning to get on your nerves, and more than once you’ve found yourself writing little side stories where your characters die slow, painful deaths. You might even skip to the end or abandon the story altogether.

I’m here to tell you that this is normal. This isn’t you being a bad writer. During NaNo, this is the part where I generally want to abandon my novel and just write something else. But trust, me, as soon as you get to the end of the tunnel, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment; and a second writing is almost always easier, because you’ll know what you want The Middle to be about.

So don’t fret. Persevere through that boring middle part, and wow us all with what you produce.


Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Hey everyone, I’m back! I’m sure you all missed me!

It’s the end(ish) of March. And you know what that means; Script Frenzy (Screnzy) is around the corner. What is Screnzy, you might ask? Well, it’s when authors from around the world try their hand at writing a one hundred page script in just thirty days!

Will I be doing this come April? Absolutely.

Scriptwriting is very fun. There are certain things you can get away with in scripts that would be a sin in a novel. For example, I’m very bad at description. While in novels I have to spend painful minutes trying to find out how to describe the house, in a script I can just say exactly how I want the house to look.

A con of scriptwriting is that you can’t give background, which I love doing (though not very well). Perhaps they come across an old relic that has been used in sacred rituals for hundreds of years. I can’t just write that in the description; if it were an actual movie, they wouldn’t know that, so it wouldn’t be important.

So overall, I encourage all of you dear readers to try your hand at scriptwriting this April. Will all of you succeed? Probably not. But that’s not the goal; the goal is to have fun with all of your other writers while trying something new.



Assignment? Joy.

Writing for assignments.

Frankly, I hate it.

The thing that I hate about it is the limits on your creativity. How many times have you wanted to go somewhere with a story for school, only to realize that it has to be only three pages, or there can’t be anything too gory, and you’re left with barely a fragment of what could have been a beauty?* That’s what I feel.

Personally, I think that all English teachers who force their normally writerly-type students to stray from their creative system should be shot.



*I apologize for the massive sentence here.

Simply Inspired

What does it take to inspire? That varies from person to person. For me personally, I take a word, or a phrase, or just some feeling that I have, and continue to develop that into a plot. Oftentimes the original inspiration is lost in building the story; however, that is only to be expected.

What you need to do to find your muse. Listen to music a lot? Well, then just listen to songs. Get a taste for them. While your listening to them, write down how you feel, and go from there. Maybe some people like taking walks, looking to nature for inspiration. Some people may be inspired in completely unexpected places, like in the shower, or driving down the highway in the middle of the night. That’s why it’s always handy to have a pencil and notebook handy. Keep one by your bedside, in case you wake up from a dream that shows promise. Whatever it is, just find your muse.