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*sighs* Poetry


I’ve stumbled upon this blog recently, and it’s gotten me really interested in poetry.

Before I read that blog, I had barely looked at poetry; the only time I had written it was the time I was forced to for English class, and I’d rarely read any of it willingly. I knew there was something about lines and feet and meters, but I figured that most poems just rhymed with the exceptions being Free-verse or Haiku, and that was that.

Only now do I realize how wrong I was. Poetry is really something deeper than I realized. It comes from the soul, and is really quite beautiful. The different types of poems; from Luc Bat, Diagonal Acrostic, Sestina, or just a simple Couplet, are really quite amazing and can be quite complex.

I’m not claiming to know a lot about poetry (or even writing prose, for that matter). But that’s something that I definitely want to change. I feel that with writing and gaining skill in poetry, I’ll also gain skill at writing prose, which is still going to remain one of my more prominent art forms.

I apologize for the short post, but I almost forgot about this and I had to write a little quickie.




Assignment? Joy.

Writing for assignments.

Frankly, I hate it.

The thing that I hate about it is the limits on your creativity. How many times have you wanted to go somewhere with a story for school, only to realize that it has to be only three pages, or there can’t be anything too gory, and you’re left with barely a fragment of what could have been a beauty?* That’s what I feel.

Personally, I think that all English teachers who force their normally writerly-type students to stray from their creative system should be shot.



*I apologize for the massive sentence here.