Critique Submissions

Silver Pens has a Critic’s Corner!

What is this here for?

The Critic’s Corner is here on the Silver Pens because we believe as writers we need to have a good network of like-minded individuals. There is always a need to improve and writing is no exception. The Critic’s Corner as such is where writers can submit their works for review by the Silver Pen bloggers.

Who covers this?

Lectin of the Silver Pens will cover Critic Submissions the most often. However, it is possible that other members can come in and take over a submission and critic it themselves. Who knows – multiple persons may look over your work and chip in with their suggestions!

What benefit do I get out of having my worked critiqued?

The benefits are marvelous and many-faceted in nature, my dear writer. Let’s list some of them right now!

  • You get fresh perspective in on your work. No matter what, outside opinion will count because when you are overly familiar with your work there is a very real possibility you might miss out grammar errors, strange turns of phrase, clunky dialogue, strange actions and various knick-knacks.
  • It is a good litmus test of the quality of your work. All of the Silver Pen bloggers are avid readers and our tastes are diverse as they are deep. As a critic, we are able to measure your work up against our expectations of what can make it in the real world. If you want to know whether your work makes the cut, you can most certainly ask us here.
  • We are most likely not your friends. As such, we will not hold any punches when we critique your work, allowing you to experience the full effects of how it feels when an unknown person reads your work. We strive to remain impartial and treat all writing seriously so as to ensure all submissions get the full examination and thus the most indications of how to tone up your work.
  • We are multi-genre. Most Silver Pens have dabbled in multiple genres and we all have our genres of choice. There is a good chance that at least one of us can critique your work, given that you keep in line with our submission guidelines and criteria.

What can I submit for critique?

  • We do not accept fanfiction. We would prefer original works.
  • We would like to cap submissions at maximum 6k cumulative wordcount. It is possible for you to submit the first 6k of your prospective novel, but we will not be able to critique your entire 100k novel due to the sheer size of the work.
  • Please do not submit anything of mature nature. This includes sex scenes where anything goes beyond french kissing and strays into petting or more serious acts. No masturbation, sex, rape, necrophilia, graphic murder/injury, so on so forth. We trust you will be discerning before you post the link up in the comments. Keep it PG-13 at most.
  • Any genre except erotica is up for grabs. However, it is likely we will not critique anything if it say… Christian Literature or the sort. Again, use discernment.
  • Please submit your own works only. It is not funny to plagiarize or steal other people’s work. If you think it is funny to submit someone else’s work on their behalf when it is not ready for others to see, do note we will not condone such action. We can and will block your IP address.
  • We do accept microfiction, short fiction and chapters of your novels for critique. Poetry will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, as we are not too familiar with it.

How long will it take for you to critique my work?

It would depend heavily on how many people are in the queue at the moment. All seven of us have our lives and our commitments to deal with. It is very possible we can only critique one piece within the space of one week, if not two. Please, be patient with us.

How can I submit my work?

Just submit the link that goes to your work onto our comments section of this page. We currently do not accept works through email.

How do I know if I am ready to submit my work?
Very good, very pertinent question. Here is a link to a post that Lectin did on critiquing, and in general we ask that:
  • You will have a tough skin.
  • You will be willing to listen to our critique/advice.
  • You will not flame us for pulling apart your work.
  • You have a mature mindset, knowing that submitting your work is a serious act.
  • You genuinely want to improve.
And if you want, you can begin submitting now.
Good Luck!
The Silver Pen Team.

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