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One: Yes, we are all alive.  I could say that, for me, work happened, and school happened, and yadda yadda…the truth of the matter is that I suck and I procrastinate way too much. (Procrastination is evil.  Procrastination leads to the dark side.)

Two: Apparently we’re starting with what we left off on last time, which was …*dum dum dooom*….fanfiction.

I am not a huge fan of fanfiction.  Never have been.  A lot of this tends to be that the really well-known fanfiction is stuff like My Immortal, (Links to a rehost and to the fantastic comic someone made of it), Fan Fiction Friday over at Topless Robot (which IS Not Safe For Work, and I do NOT suggest reading if … well, ever.  I’m trying to save your tender sensibilities here), and Fifty Shades of Grey (Based off of Twilight Fanfiction – here’s a link with possibly mature material in the comparisons).

So my experiences with fanfiction has given me this perspective that all fanfiction authors are these crazy, slavering mobs of fangirl English class dropouts.  Which is wrong on a couple of points.

For one, I shouldn’t generalize.  My current roommate has confessed that, at some point in her high school career, she madly shipped Zutarra and wrote several fanfics about it. (I asked her if I had her permission to link here, and she said yes, with the proviso that we remembered that “it was a dark time in my life,” :D)  And my roommate is fairly sane, for a Math major.

For two, I myself got into reading (and writing) a little fanfiction (Watsonlock; don’t judge me :D) this last year, and found that a few of the stories were not only well-written, but also had plot.  (I will include no links because I don’t remember them.  And because you’re already judging me. :D)

However, it is true that to find the good fanfictions, you have to sort through a lot of crap.  Which is where I find that my original generalization does hold true.

I don’t really have anything super witty to close with on this subject, honestly.  All I can say is that some fanfiction (and authors) are really cool.  Some are not.  But I guess I’m still making up my mind on it.



The Land of Mary Sue…

Hey y’all! This block we’re going to be writing about fanfiction. (I think that one of us has done this before. But we’re going to stretch it into a block’s topic.)

Fanfiction is one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, I do read fanfiction. Attempt to, at least. You see, the thing is that Fanfiction is where Mary Sue and her cousin Gary Stu live.

The problem with fanfiction is that a lot of it is written by

  • Twelve-year-olds
  • People who have no idea how to write in proper English but think they have an amazing idea
  • People who can at least get grammar in but cannot make characters to save their lives

Now, I’m not saying that all fanfics are this bad; I’ve actually found a couple good ones in my searching. But sometimes I just want to cry. When I read it.

I’m sorry for the short and somewhat pointless post. I’ve been feeling a bit of an inspiration block lately, but I’m going to try to break out of that by the next time I post.

Until next time, my loves


My Planning Style

I’m Jasper, and I’m a plotter.

I’ve mentioned in my old posts that I like to have a direction, concept, and plot to work with when I finally get down to the paper, set my fingers to the keyboard, and begin to write. I love to simply know what to write – and then focus on crafting the words like I would with art. Indeed for me, I compare the writing process to something akin to sculpting a beautiful marble statue. One must have a vague idea of what to do before you set yourself to the task. Each of my stories are based on a concept that came up in my mind – but to expound on that idea, that small seed of inspiration – I require time prior to nurture that idea, then get them down on the page.

Now, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on my major rewrite of the The Immortals Cafe, however – I think today I’ll talk about one of my other NaNo ideas.

I’m a major fan of Harry Potter – in fact, I write fanfiction for only 3 fandoms, and one of them Harry Potter. Though I have written only short stories with the Harry Potter universe – this year I found myself struck by the mother of all plot bunnies. A ridiculous crackship between two characters that I shall not name, and shall not describe. After all – I won’t be publishing this on my blog, I have to set a certain distance between fanfiction and my writer’s handle.

Normally, most of my stories span over the course of a month or two. In fact, the longest story I have written ran for about a year or so – and that hasn’t turned out too well. This plot bunny however, promises to take things to a new level – charting the lives of two particular characters for almost 30, if not 40 years of their life, and with almost 5 years of prose before I finally get them to get together.

Such a monstrous fanfiction which I envision to take at least 100000 words to complete would therefore require massive amounts of preparation.

As a fanfiction writer – I pride myself on being as close to the canon-narrative as possible, adhering to the timeline and plot of the series in question. No doubt these two characters, minor as they are, had their role to play in the events of Harry Potter. I must of course, pay due homage to that. There are canon details that I must not ignore. Such preparation is incredibly hard to deal with – thus leading me to tell you all how I plan my novels.

My stories must balance both character with plot. When it comes to character I do many things, such as noting down their physical features (going so far as to draw them), charting out possible relationships with other characters, defining their key character traits, holding various conversations with them interview-style, and the list goes on.

However, once I have all this down – I get into my idea bubble, charting out various ideas for the story as they pop into my head. I love this part of my planning process the most – because ideas appear to me almost out of the blue, sometimes surprising me with their ingenuity and brilliance.

When about 30-60 minutes of this planning time has passed, I would have a good 2-3 pages of ideas filled out. If satisfied, I move to getting all these ideas onto a word document in chronological order – necessitating lots of additional head-wringing and research. When should they meet? How would they meet? Do you think they would strike up a friendship quick enough? Such becomes my question, till I have all my important plot details and interesting ideas in a nice, chronological flow.

As this point, I would have each year with all the changes, main events and interesting topics charted out. Seeing this, I can begin to plot the dynamic of the character’s relationships and their personal growth – something that is fun to do because I decide when and where should they become more friendly with each other. I fit the dynamic of the friendship and romance to the events I have plotted – and if the need arises, flesh out more events. Once I have all that I need down – I begin to break them down into chapters which would then form the basis of my writing pursuit within NaNo itself.

And when the day comes – I would have what I want to know, and then immediately I can envision each chapter in its entirety. What kind of interesting things happen, what gold pieces of dialogue would appear, what kind of setting, time and situation my characters would be in.

And I tell you, that helps me write fast, write well, and write with the freedom of expounding on bare-bones to have more fun with the characters and playing around with their actions.


Because I have the plot out in my head, and I can focus on making my characters loved.

I’m Jasper, and I’m a plotter.


Okay… well, I probably made a mistake by putting myself on Monday, but oh well. Today I’m going to post about fanfiction (yay!)

First off… well, I’ve been really getting back into it now. There’s just one problem; IT’S NO GOOD. I go to fanfiction.net, go under whichever fandom I want to read, and… I get sick to my stomach. It seems that half of the ones I go on, the entire first page is basically “Enter your own character!” (That’s never good… Mary Sues and Gary Stus live in them…). As one of the writer’s on this blog once said it, “it’s like panning for gold”. And trust me, the gold is rare.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve given up entirely. I’ve been taking to offering beta services to the ones who obviously don’t know how to write at all (a.k.a. they just post one massive paragraph that’s about a page long and then beg for reviews… it’s pitiful, really). So far, no one has accepted.

I also personally write fanfiction… by that, I mean I try to write fanfiction. Of course, sometimes it’s really depressing, because I always feel that I have absolutely no writing talent whatsoever and everything I’ve ever written should be burned in a hole in Antarctica. Merp.

Okay… that got kind of rambly, but hey! I wrote this in about five minutes, due to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what else to post… next week will be better. Promise.