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One: Yes, we are all alive.  I could say that, for me, work happened, and school happened, and yadda yadda…the truth of the matter is that I suck and I procrastinate way too much. (Procrastination is evil.  Procrastination leads to the dark side.)

Two: Apparently we’re starting with what we left off on last time, which was …*dum dum dooom*….fanfiction.

I am not a huge fan of fanfiction.  Never have been.  A lot of this tends to be that the really well-known fanfiction is stuff like My Immortal, (Links to a rehost and to the fantastic comic someone made of it), Fan Fiction Friday over at Topless Robot (which IS Not Safe For Work, and I do NOT suggest reading if … well, ever.  I’m trying to save your tender sensibilities here), and Fifty Shades of Grey (Based off of Twilight Fanfiction – here’s a link with possibly mature material in the comparisons).

So my experiences with fanfiction has given me this perspective that all fanfiction authors are these crazy, slavering mobs of fangirl English class dropouts.  Which is wrong on a couple of points.

For one, I shouldn’t generalize.  My current roommate has confessed that, at some point in her high school career, she madly shipped Zutarra and wrote several fanfics about it. (I asked her if I had her permission to link here, and she said yes, with the proviso that we remembered that “it was a dark time in my life,” :D)  And my roommate is fairly sane, for a Math major.

For two, I myself got into reading (and writing) a little fanfiction (Watsonlock; don’t judge me :D) this last year, and found that a few of the stories were not only well-written, but also had plot.  (I will include no links because I don’t remember them.  And because you’re already judging me. :D)

However, it is true that to find the good fanfictions, you have to sort through a lot of crap.  Which is where I find that my original generalization does hold true.

I don’t really have anything super witty to close with on this subject, honestly.  All I can say is that some fanfiction (and authors) are really cool.  Some are not.  But I guess I’m still making up my mind on it.